This team has worked on some of the major corporate crises of our times from the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill with a crisis prevention program for the future that helped keep Exxon's market value in place and grow.  After American Airlines planes were used as weapons on 9/11, we helped the airline manage this catastrophe.  We also worked on more confidential issues in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, financial, automotive and other industries, where the team was hired to prevent an issue from turning to a crisis and succeeded.  In the latter cases, it was estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake.


Two examples of the team's strong involvement with a major corporation (each the industry leader) that took some hits in a crisis and came back to prosper over its competitors are:  Household Finance being targeted by the state attorneys general for predatory lending and the BIC Corporation having their disposable lighters targeted by plaintiffs bar as defective, explosive, and maiming children.  In each case the team was brought in after the crisis erupted and publicity and special interest groups were all working together with the adversaries of the companies.  Not only did this team successfully help the companies navigate through the crises, but achieved post-settlement benefits that were previously not considered possible.


After a very public and expensive settlement was reached with the state AGs, the team was able to work with the AGs to make the company's practices the gold standard of that industry and some competitors were not able to meet them.  Household became the sub-lender of choice squeezing others out of the market.  With prevention measures, this could have been done earlier instead of fighting with the AGs publicly.  In BIC's case, plaintiffs' attorneys marched out children with burns to TV cameras which had the expected emotional outcome with everyone, including government officials.  BIC was winning these cases in court because it was proven that most of these burns were from matches and the lighters were not defective.  However, the intense scrutiny by the media, politicians and interest groups could not overcome the legal victories and BIC changed the design of the lighter.  BIC developed the ChildGuard lighter and expanded market share because it had the leadership position with consumers, government officials and interest groups.


These former clients have allowed us to comment on their issues but we do not identify other clients on the website.  In most cases we maintain confidentiality and do not publicize the names of our clients.  We've had decades of experience and we can apply the lessons across industry sectors.  The environment for combative relationships with major corporations and those attacking them is here and growing.  However, there is still an opportunity to win in this arena.  And the time to start that process is before any crisis -- it is usually much cheaper and involves a shorter timeframe to make the headway necessary.