Tim Binning

Tim joined forces with Brian Lunde years ago to help create and bring new political contact networks into play for major corporations.  Tim's background in politics as a campaign services director and later as finance director for several Democratic candidates for Congress, governor and president gives him special insights on the workings of the political system.  This experience has helped numerous companies and trade associations deal effectively with issues being targeted by government officials.


He has worked with a broad range of business clients including Aetna, National Restaurant Association, Chemical Manufacturers Association, Health Insurance Association of America, Eastman Kodak, DuPont, El Paso Corporation, Nucor, Boeing, HSBC, and many others.  He co-founded with Brian the HelpingAmericansVote.org service for the 2004 election cycle that attracted subscribers U.S. Chamber of Commerce, AARP and Homebuilders Association as well as other leading companies.


Together, Tim and Brian have combined some of the traditional techniques of issue advocacy with new technology that has produced national networks through their RealRoots approach that is unmatched in the marketplace -- and has demonstrated incredible success for many companies and associations.