Hank Boerner

Hank has been a management consultant for more than 25 years and is a recognized expert in setting strategies for corporations after and while monitoring developments with interest groups and others that have a high potential of impacting companies.  Many of these relate to corporate governance, social responsibility, social investment, accountability, ethics -- and overall issues and crisis challenges.


Former head of communications for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Hank served as one of the account leaders for almost every major client engagement Rowan & Blewitt handled over the past two decades -- from health care to sub-prime lending.  He is chair of the Governance & Accountability Institute and editor of its Y Publisher web-based publications.


Hank's financial background and his work with many major industries has led him to apply his expertise as an emerging issues columnist for Investor Relations Newsletter and Issues Barometer -- and to such international publications as The Financial Times.  He is former chair of the Issues Management Council and belongs to the National Investor Relations Institute, the American Bar Association's Section on Dispute Resolution, the Social Investment Forum and the National Association of Corporate Directors.