Ford Rowan

Ford is an internationally known expert on how to handle a crisis.  He has advised on 9/11 air disasters, alleged financial fraud, environmental crimes, chemical safety, alleged adverse effects of pharmaceuticals, mad cow disease, SUV rollovers, silicone breast implants, the aftermath of the Valdez oil spill, and numerous industrial explosions.


He formerly served as Chair of the National Center for Critical Incident Analysis, an independent, civilian research entity affiliated with the National Defense University, and he has authored or co-authored several books on crisis prevention and management.  He is the former national security correspondent for NBC News who covered global crises and also hosted a show, International Edition, on PBS.


Ford has both his law degree and doctorate, as well as several masters degrees and has been sought by top corporate management to work closely with internal and external counsel and operational executives to both prevent crises and contain them.  A lecturer at George Washington University, Ford has been active at the Santa Fe Institute and is an independent director of the Legg Mason Mutual Funds board.