Erin Donovan

Erin has devoted her more than two-decade career to assisting corporations to effectively address the nation's most pressing environmental, health and safety challenges -- through counseling, training, facilitation and strategy development.


Formerly with the DuPont Company and the Chemical Manufacturers Association, as well as Rowan & Blewitt, Erin has gained a lot of expertise at the manufacturing level of industry, designing crisis prevention programs.  She has worked closely with emergency responders to drills and exercises that have involved government officials as well as the community.  She has helped the military better understand the concerns of its stakeholders during destruction of chemical weapons.


Working for the chemical industry, she developed a series of highly successful interactive risk communication and community relations training courses that helped change the way industry and its neighbors communicate about environmental issues.  Her experience with plant operations has made her invaluable to putting together strategies that take into consideration the entire corporation and all of its real or potential issues.