Brian Lunde

Brian has more than 25 years of campaign management and grassroots experience at the national, state and local levels and has headed grassroots and issues management functions at two of the world's largest PR/PA firms.  Brian turned most of his political experience toward working with corporations, such as Household Finance, GlaxoSmithKline, Boeing, AOL Time Warner, The Business Roundtable, Eastman Kodak, and numerous others.


He developed the extremely successful grassroots lobbying concept known as Political Family Persuasion which involves communicating to the office holder through local individuals who the office holder knows, trusts, and relies on for political advice and support.  This is a truly unique network that changes personnel as office holders change and has been effective for corporations facing multiple issues with government officials nationally where it is critical that clients have access to them to make their case.


A former executive director of the Democratic National Committee, Brian became impressed with then Texas Governor George Bush's record and approach to governing and assisted in garnering support from Democrats and independents for the Bush-Cheney ticket.  He later served the administration-elect on the transition committee for the Department of Commerce.